Tuesday, December 27, 2016

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MUST WATCH: Image Of Jesus Christ Seen In The Sky Last Christmas Day!

We still live in a world of wonders, creatures, and phenomena that are yet to be discovered. Scientists continue to discover things which we previously see as simply mysterious. Still, the world has secrets which scientists fail to understand. For example, this video which you are about to see may seem just like a footage of a peculiar cloud formation, but i also looks like something else.

An unidentified netizen posted a video on Pinoy Viral Videos wherein he claimed to have seen Jesus Christ in the sky on Christmas Day. This strange event happened in broad daylight. The netizen claimed that it has a strong resemblance to iconic photos of Jesus Christ.

Despite the netizen's surprise for what he saw, commenters on the page do not share the same enthusiasm.

The so-called video of the image of Jesus Christ is now viral. However, there are still no scientific explanations for this phenomenon.

See the video below for you to see if it's really the image of Jesus Christ!

Source: KAMI
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