Friday, December 23, 2016

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Drunk American arrested for performing 0ral s3x on bar girl in public

Aside from the drought, people like this dude are another reason to hate the modern celebration of Songkran.

A 49-year-old American man was charged with public indecency on Saturday for sneaking up on a bar girl and performing 0ral s3x on her in Pattaya.

Ben Bartanyi, a real estate businessman, was arrested on Saturday after a video of him giving a 20-year-old bar girl surprise 0ral s3x went viral.

See the video here. Warning: You cannot unsee this.

In the video, Ben sneaks up to the bar girl and then places his head between her legs before her friends smack him on the arm and splash him with water to make him stop.

Ben, who has earned the nickname “Farang Burn” (Head-giving Farang) on social media, confessed to police that he was very drunk and he felt sorry for behaving in such an inappropriate manner to a Thai woman. He swore he would become a better person because he loved Thailand very much.

Netnapa Prawaddee, the woman in the video, said Ben was a regular customer, and she did not expect him to do such a thing. She admitted she was also intoxicated, TNN reported.

Source: TNP
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