Tuesday, December 20, 2016

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Beware Of This New Modus: This Man Bought A Flatscreen TV But Got This Instead!

Since the rise of the internet, a lot of transactions have become more efficient. From sending messages and connecting with friends to buying different items, such as appliances clothes, the internet has definitely helped ease convenience for everyone.

Online shopping saves time and gives one the opportunity to look for cheaper prices without leaving home.

However, as this industry booms, more and more are also exposed to online acts of fraud. Case in point, the story of this man who bought a flatscreen TV online but received plywood wrapped in a black plastic bag with stickers attached to it instead.
The modus goes like this: a bogus salesperson posts pictures of a particular product in social networking buy and sell sites. Usually, the pictures are enough to entice the prospective buyer. They prey on this gullibility and are able to fool people into forking over the cash before they send the so-called “product.”

One disadvantage of buying things online is that you don't have the option to check it out and test it before buying. Therefore, it's hard to tell if the product is in good condition or if it even functions.

After all, every peso we spend is hard-earned.

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