Monday, December 19, 2016

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Arrogant Government Employee Went Viral! Read Here!

Meh-Ri Joh-ee Alquiza Balilla, a Filipino netizen, shared her experience with a government employee in a road encounter at The Podium.

She posted photos on Facebook showing an angry man riding a Range Rover with the plate number ZI 1404. He was identified as Dennis Noveno who works at the Quezon City Hall.

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Balilla revealed that Noveno did not make ammends with the taxi he bumped into at 4 p.m. Instead, Balilla noted that Noveno kicked the car door with her kid inside.

According to the netizen, Noveno was also arrogant during the encounter. He continued to shout at them until the MMDA approached.

Balilla's child was traumatized by the incident, she said. She intended to post their story in social media to let people be aware of this man.

Source: Facebook
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