Thursday, December 22, 2016

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Alice Dixson Finally Reveals The Real Story Behind The 'Taong Ahas' In Robinson's Galleria!

Filipinos love stories from their grandmothers as well as the urban legends because they scare the living hell out of them. Urban legends give a different twist to the drab reality of daily living.

A classic urban legend, the story of the "Taong Ahas" involving Alice Dixson and Robinson Malls, has entered social media, and Alice Dixson has something to say about it.

The story goes that there is a human snake inside of the more famous shopping malls along EDSA-Ortigas.

Alice Dixson shed some light on this popular tall tale in of the episode of Regine Velasquez-Alcasid’s “Sarap Diva” last December 17.

Regine asked about what really happened because rumors has it that Alice was supposed to be one of the victims of the “Taong-ahas”.

"Supposedly, pero hindi 'yan totoo!" Alice said to clear out the rumors.
According to this urban legend, this “Taong-ahas” lives in the bowels of Robinson’s Galleria because he was the twin brother of John Gokongwei.

Alice was said to have been led to one of the dungeons of this “taong-ahas” but she managed to escape and was just paid by the Gokongwei family to keep quiet.

Many fans were shocked that the urban legend has a layer of truth in it. According to netizens, at the peak story's popularity, Alice has become less active and whole story was completely forgotten.

Watch the full episode Here:

Source: GMA
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