Thursday, December 8, 2016

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A Message Has Been Sent To Them That Their Father Passed Away Alone, But When They Went To The Funeral, This Happened!

Christmas is a time when families can come together, set aside their worries and celebrate life through the joyful spirit of the season.

However, many people seem to live busier lives in this modern generation. Everything is more hectic and many people tend to focus more on their careers and individual lives. Usually, these people have no time to set aside for loved ones and work even on the holidays.

This advertisement hopes to show us what Christmas is truly about.

During the holidays many companies will make holiday themed commercials and advertisements. This commercial by German supermarket corporation Edeka, is by far our favorite.

This heartwarming video features an old grandfather who dearly misses his children and grandchildren during Christmas. It is a powerful reminder that everyone should cherish the moments we share with our family. Because we'll never know how long we have before they'll leave us for good.

Get your tissue ready and watch this video!

Source: metaspoon
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