Tuesday, November 22, 2016

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Watch: Abbie Tolentino Figueroa Scandal Video, Part 1 and Part 2 Leaked and Spread Online

Watching the viral Abbie Tolentino Figueroa scandal would possibly be the main course tonight as netizens continue to share the leaked footage of the bed scenes involving the beautiful model together with a certain man named "Kent".

After the overwhelmingly shared RapBeh videos this November 2016, another scandalous clips have been spread on the internet. The latest trend immediately hits the top news feeds on Facebook since the involved girl is extremely sexy and too hot to handle.

You got it right, the girl identified as Abbie Tolentino Figueroa has taken the social media by storm. Her video scandal, split into part 1 and part 2, will definitely set you on fire tonight!

The first part of the viral Abbie Tolentino Figueroa Scandal video shows her sexy back. The camera lens have the nicest angle that it were able to capture the curves of Abbie including her fully shaped butt!

Part 1 of Abbie Tolentino's scandal video highlights her skills in riding her man that seems to give too much pleasure to the guy whose face has not been shown in the footage. The length of this video is around 1 minute and 57 seconds. It's not that long but the encounter of the infamous model and the unidentified man is something that you won't forget since Abbie is simply doing her best while staying on top of the man!

The second part of Abbie's scandal video is a bit short, 1 minute and 32 seconds, but somehow it also gives you a clear look on her face while she is having a steamy sex to a man (whose face is again not shown on the camera).

Part 2 of Abbie Tolentino Figueroa's scandal video is a bit interesting because it fully shows you some important body marks which will make you conclude that she is really the girl who was identified by the netizens as a famous car show model.

We are particulary referring to the tattoo marks on the upper part of her boobs and the large tattoo art around her waist. Again, these markings aren't just replicas since most of her photos on the internet shows exactly the same size and tattoo shapes!

As of posting, there so many questions left unanswered. The netizens haven't identified yet the people who uploaded the contents on the internet.

Source: Newsunfold
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