Sunday, November 6, 2016

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TRENDING NEWS: Netizen Makes A Request To McDo Delivery Guy Because She Was Sick, What The Delivery Guy Did Was Touching!

Eireen Beltran was craving for some delicious meals from McDonalds but she had two problems: She couldn't go to McDonals because she was sick and she couldn't buy her medicine.

Since she can't go out, she had to order her food through the fast food's McDelivery. But Beltran also left a note on her order saying she needed medicine as well.

Most fast food deliveries would ignore this request as this is not part of their service anymore but to Beltran's surprise, her Chicken McDo also came with Biogesic!

"Yung tipong may sakit ka tapos mag isa ka walang tutulong sayo. Salamat mcdo sa gamot?" she posted on her Facebook.

The post has already been like by more than 54 thousand Facebook users and was shared more than 16 thousand times.

Is this a PR stunt by McDo or they are "lovin' it" every time they can help their customer? No one knows but it surely puts a smile among netizens.
Source: Facebook
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