Wednesday, November 23, 2016

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This Shellfish's Unique Appearance Made The Internet Go Crazy! Why? See It For Yourself!

These actual images of different kinds of shellfish sparked online speculation as many green-minded netizens reacted and commented on the album. They shape and color of these crustaceans looked all too familiar for most people, particularly women.

LackFeed, the Facebook page who posted the photos, even put up a caption saying:

"Tag people who like to eat shellfish!

*Note..This is not naughty stuff.. These are real shellfish.

PS. Don't report this because it's really food!!!!"

It instantly took social media by storm, reaching 15,778 shares.
A humorous netizen commented,
"So this is the original prototype of vigina before mother nature used it between women legs !"

Here you go, see for yourselves and tell us what you think:

Source: LackFeed
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