Wednesday, November 2, 2016

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This Guy Surprises Her Girlfriend After Years of Long-Distance Relationship And Didn't Expect This To Happen!

The definition of true love has long been debated. While some believe that true love should be unconditional, some believe that in love, you should be able to know your limitations and love yourself as well. Whether we believer in either or both, love is especially hard when distance adds to its many factors. Yes, we're talking about the 'Long Distance Relationship'.

Due to the challenges in communication, many couples just turn cold after some time while others just end up finding other people to love. But this short film produced by MOTIhub, a Facebook page, features the reality of a couple who is in a long-distance relationship. Joseph, the guy in the story, works in Dubai while his girlfriend lives in the Philippines. He always sends her gifts and promises her that he will be home sooner.

But when he finally surprises his girlfriend and went home, he didn't expect to see his girlfriend like this!

As of this writing, the video already garnered 16k reactions, over 13k shares, and 597k views.

Watch the video below
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