Friday, November 11, 2016

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This Baby Accidentally Ate 'Katol' And This Is What Happened!

A lot of babies get into accidents like eating crayons or tripping on objects. However, this baby had a different case: he accidentally ate a mosquito coil or more known as "katol".

Three-year-old Paul Jobel Martin is already 50/50 because he accidentally ate the poisonous material. In a Facebook post, it said that baby Paul was rushed to Tala Hospital in Caloocan.

Luckily, he is still alive but he is now almost in a vegetable stage and his chest is swollen. Doctors advised his parents to transfer him to another hospital for better caring but they don't have enough money. The mother of the baby is just a bus inspector and her money is not enough for her baby.

Mosquito coils are extremely dangerous to one's health. As research shows, it can be even more dangerous than smoking a cigarette.

If anyone is willing to reach out a hand, people can call his sibling Mary Jane at 09100805840.

Source: Facebook
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