Friday, November 25, 2016

Ooops! Trending...

The truth behind Nicca Pascual bothering video that trends on social media!!

You should "Watch Nicca Pascual scandal video!" This is the headline that keeps on showing on Facebook news feeds today. At first we didn't bother to check what this new scandal is all about until we noticed that many people are already searching for the video file.

Nicca Pascual scandal is a trending video but was originally uploaded to the internet roughtly one years ago(2015).

According to several online sources, the former partner of Nicca Pascual became too mad because of their alleged sudden break up. The man could not accept that fact that his relationship to the beautiful amateur model just ended immediately. The man retaliated to Nicca by spreading the scandal video to various internet pages.

Pascual was allegedly surprised upon learning the incident but no matter what she will do, her reputation has already been damaged because of the deliberate posting of the videos everywhere on the internet.

Girls, just a simple reminder. And a very timely one! Sometimes when you’re too in love with your boyfriend, you get carried away and do pretty silly stuff. I tell you this, don’t fall too hard with your boyfriend to the point of big stupidity. That’s the big warning or lesson that we can get from this incident that we’re about to relate.

Source: buzzpinas
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