Tuesday, November 8, 2016

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Nike Released One Of The Most Expensive Shoes In The World! Read More And Know Why It's So Expensive!

One of the most expensive shoes in the world was introduced and released by Nike for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's disease awareness.

The 2016 Nike MAG was released exclusively for a raffle draw with only 89 lucky winners. Though the original size of the shoe has not been made public by Nike, it is sure that it will cost thousand of dollars because it has technologies enabling the shoe to lace itself.

One of the winners was named Chris and he shared his feelings when he tried his shoes, "I feel like I'm wearing a snow boot."

Many people commented on the newest shoe saying:

Tiffany Carrion said, "Before I read the caption, I thought I was looking at a foot/ankle brace for those who want to rock their sprained bone in style."

Justin Canniff also commented and said, "Seriously, was that a tweet calling him a fat gay dude from a guy talking about shoe karma and shoe gods? The guy donated money to a good cause... There's the karma bitch, he got rewarded for having the decency to donate to a good cause."

Source: Facebook
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