Tuesday, November 1, 2016

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Most Popular Multivitamin Found To Contain Toxic Chemicals And Artificial Colors!

People are taking multivitamin to strengthen the immune system, stronger body and muscles and good health as well. But there are things we don't know about the brand of vitamin that we prefer to use everyday.

One of the most commonly known brand of vitamin is this American Brand. It offers a lot of necessary nutrients and minerals for the body.

This multivitamins ranked as the second leading U.S. multivitamin brand with its sales of 189.6 million dollars. It was introduced by Pfizer,  the leading brand for pharmaceuticals. Though the multivitamin sounds very great, it allegedly has a lot of toxic ingredients as enumerated by Healthy Holistic Living.

Here are the list of it's ingredients as enumerated by www.healthy-holistic-living.com:

1. Minerals and Vitamins (with Poor Absorption)

Calcium Carbonate ¨C This is the least absorbable forms of calcium available in the market. Only a small percent is ingested into the body.

Ferrous Fumarate ¨C This iron supplement often causes constipation which causes an overgrowth of harmful flora. As a result, you may experience gastrointestinal issues, a compromised immune system, and problems with nutrient absorption. This is an obviously bad choice for a multivitamin. (5)

DL-Alpha Tocopherol ¨C This is a synthetic form a vitamin E supplement. Researchers at Oregon State University found that the body excretes this artificial form three times as faster than the natural. Meaning, the benefit is decreased threefold. (6)

Nickelous Sulfate and Tin ¨C This would be great if you had a nickel or tin deficiency. Except no one has this problem. Even so, when minerals are bound to a sulfate, this decrease their absorption ability.
Talc ¨C This is a mineral made up of mostly magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. However, talc can contain asbestos, a substance known to cause cancers.

2. Fillers and Binders

Pregelatinized Corn Starch ¨C This is purely a binder with no benefits. It is likely to be made from genetically modified corn which creates a number of adverse reactions, especially for those who are sensitive to it.

BHT ¨C Butylated hydroxyanisole is a preservative that science has found to be toxic to the liver, thyroid, lungs, kidneys, and can affect blood coagulation. It can also promote tumors.
Gelatin ¨C This multivitamin is officially unfit for vegetarians and vegans.

Hydrogenated Palm Oil ¨C The process of hydrogenating any oil makes the oil rancid, turning it into a strong free radical which promotes cancer and heart disease.

Sodium Benzoate ¨C This is an overused preservative that has been shown to cause organ toxicity.
Sodium Aluminosilicate ¨C This common food additive for its anti-caking effects can cause health organ deterioration. It contributes to the detrimental properties of table salt.

3.  Artificial Colors

FD&C Yellow No. 6 Aluminum Lake ¨C Yes, there is food coloring in a multivitamin, and this one was actually derived from coal tar, a reproductive toxin. Studies found it to cause adrenal tumor in the lab animals.

Source: Healthy
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