Sunday, November 6, 2016

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Mayor Espinosa's Affidavit Leaked In Social Media; Includes De Lima and Other Generals Not Mentioned By Duterte!

The recent death of Albuera Mayor, Rolando Espinosa was definitely a shock to everyone. After his arrest last month, he was shot inside his jail cell according to initial investigation. But what was more shocking was his affidavit which surprisingly involved names which weren't in the PNP's watch list.

A certain Denise Celdran shared a screenshot of Mayor Espinosa's sworn affidavit.

The names of Senator De Lima, and General Loot were highly expected to be part of the list since the President already mentioned them before. However, General Espina's name was a surprise. It can be recalled that Espina stirred drama during the SAF 44 investigation when he cried on TV while giving his testimony. He won the hearts of the netizens back then but after this affidavit was received, tables were turned. There were also surprising names of some governors and mayors.

One of these is the Vice Mayor of Baybay who allegedly receives money from his druglord son, Kerwin Espinosa.

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