Tuesday, November 8, 2016

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Lucky Fishermen To Become Millionaires Because Of The 'Whale Vomit' They Found Which Costs $2.5M!

Three fishermen in Oman stumbled upon a floating ‘whale vomit’ or ambergris which costs at least one million Omani riyals or $2.5M last October 30.

Khalid Al Sinani (30), one of the lucky fishermen, did not expect that they will hit jackpot that day. Fortunately, they scooped a precious luxury floating above the sea of Qurayyat, Oman.

The ambergris they found weighed 80-kilograms and can be sold in the market for more than $2.5M. This wax-like substance secreted by sperm whales is used in manufacturing perfume. Freshly produced ambergris has a foul odor, but when it has dried and aged it produces a sweet and earthy smell.

Al Sinani and his two other friends told the Times of Oman that they have been dreaming of this catch for so long. They said that they put the sizable fortune in a box while waiting for experts to confirm its authenticity. Once confirmed, they are planning to sell it at OMR 18,000 or $46,765 per kilogram. According to reports, Al Sinani has been offered by prospective clients from \United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, he said that he has a plan of changing his career once the deal for his ambergris is closed.
Source:  KickerDaily
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