Monday, November 14, 2016

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Giant Snake Drops from Ceiling In A Crowded Restaurant

The massive reptile managed to dislodge the tiles in the roof and make it's way through the gap to join fearful customers as they were trying to eat their meals.

Customers in the restaurant were shocked when a giant snake suddenly fell from the ceiling right into the where they were enjoying their dinner.

The giant snake, which appeared to look much like a python, somehow managed to climb and squeeze itself between the tiles before slithering out through the tight opening in the ceiling of the restaurant.

In the video, customers can be heard panicking in the background as a team of wildlife experts entered the building.
They then set about using a metal hook to secure the snake and enabling them to get a grip on its head.
The video clip is now viral across social media and has gathered over thousands of views in a short period of time

Source: TNP
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