Monday, November 14, 2016

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Chinese Restaurant Serving ‘Fetus Soup’ With ‘Libido Boosters’ Was Caught And Closed Down By The Police! Disgusting!

This photo of fetuses lined up and being sold in China was allegedly found in a noodle soup restaurant by the police authorities. Similar photos have went viral over the years, however some people claim that this photo that instantly went rounds in the social media is new and an utter proof that the practice of eating dead or unborn fetuses still goes on.

A few netizens claimed that this is true and various restaurants offer a dish containing a whole fetus named “soup number 5.” Furthermore, the soup is believed to boost sexual desires and apparently tasted delicious.

Netizens expressed their strong repugnance and disgust towards the alleged practice. Although whether or not this is true, many have already speculated that these fetuses were aborted in order to abide China’s one-child policy. Many believe that the policy is the primary reason for “infanticide” in the country, or infant homicide, known as the willful killing of children not older than a year.

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