Tuesday, November 22, 2016

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Angelica Panganiban's Viral Statement: 'Kapag babae ang nangaliwa bakit parang gusto na siyang parusahan pero pag lalaki...'

Maryo J. de los Reyes’ latest film, The Unmarried Wife, wants to change society’s perception when it comes to women who cheat in relationships.

Cheating is typically taboo. It usually causes the end of relationships.

Typically, there is a huge difference in society’s perception of men and women who find themselves in this situation. Men are often understood when they commit infidelity, while women are most likely vilified for it.

Angelica Panganiban said in her latest interview with Boy Abunda, that society tends to forgive men when it comes to cheating, while women are disgraced and criticized.

“Pagka babae ang nangaliwa bakit parang gusto na siyang parusahan ng lahat? Pero pag ang lalaki, laging sasabihin nagkamali lang yan. Patawarin mo.” She lamented.

The actress fearlessly took the role of Anne to bring light to the unfair treatment that women go through when they commit infidelity.

The Unmarried Wife tells the story of Anne (Angelica Panganiban) who is torn between her cheating husband Geoff (DingDong Dantes) and her lover, Bryan (Paolo Avelino).

Source: ABS-CBN
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