Sunday, November 20, 2016

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A student from Yunnan, China found a used condom in the meal she bought from their school cafeteria.

The picture of the meal with condom taken by the high school student was posted on Weibo, a famous social media platform in china. Many netizens shared their disgust over the subject:

“I almost threw up my breakfast. Probably thrown into the pot by some naughty kid”
“EWW! This story will haunt me for life! If I see one I might not be able to eat for days!”

Not only did the netizens worry about the presence of the object in the food but they also thought of the possible health problems the used condom may bring as it might be infected with various types of viruses and bacteria.

Meanwhile, the incident was already reported to the authorities and further investigations are being conducted.

Source: WorldoFBuzz
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