Monday, November 7, 2016

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A New Bill Has Been Pushed To Penalize Parents Who Fail To Support Their Children! What Do You Think Of This?

Having a broken family is a child's worst nightmare. Aside from the emotional trauma it causes them, the separation of parents often leads to financial abandonment on the part of the household's financial provider. This is why Manila Rep. Rosenda Ann Ocampo is pushing for a House Bill which aims to criminalize parents who fail or refuse to support their children.

This is under House #6079 which dictates a penalty of P25,000 or imprisonment up to 6 months if the parent or the legal guardian fails to provide financial support amounting to Php30,000 for a period of 6 months without any 'justifiable reasons.'

This intentionally aims to solve the increasing numbers of single parents who are left with the responsibility of raising the children alone.  “Apart from the emotional trauma, the parent who has custody of the child is left with the difficult task of single-handedly raising the child or children,” Ocampo said.

“The custodial parent can only file a motion to cite the obliged parent for indirect contempt for refusal to comply with a valid court order mandating the support provisions,”she added.

Meanwhile, Republic Act #9262 or known as “Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004“ has provisions for criminalizing parents withholding support but only covers fathers.

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