Wednesday, November 2, 2016

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A Father Asks For Prayers Because Of What Happened To His Son At Kidzoona! SHOCKING!

Parents would do everything for their children. Whatever happens, parents will surely do all that they can to protect their children.

Oscar Tan Abing Jr. shared an incident where his son was involved in an accident recently at Kidzoona – a play place for kids.

On his Facebook account, he said that he and his brother left their children at Kidzoona because they were going to meet with their wives. The 4 children were left with 4 adults to guard them.

About 10-15 minutes later, his brother’s nanny called and said that his son was bleeding. He ran out of the restaurant and went straight to his son.

“After 10-15minutes of catching up, my brother received a call from his nanny saying that my son was bleeding!
I immediately ran from Mary Grace Resto from the top floor to KIDZOONA as fast as I could and found out that My FirstBorn Son (2yr& 9month old) was bleeding and there was NO proper attention given to him.... No First Aid... No Managers was around. As if it is not a serious injury.
Blood was all over.... the uniform of his nanny and white towel used to contain the blood,” Oscar said.

His real concern was that the Kidzoona staff failed to assist them. No nurse or staff member was able to help them out. They were not cooperative, according to Oscar. The staff even asked for his ticket while they were rushing out to the place to get medical help for the child.

This incident made him question if Kidzoona was really that safe for children.
Source: Read&Digest
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