Sunday, November 20, 2016

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62-Year Old Man Attacked By Two Pit Bulls And Almost Killed Him. Horrifying!

A 62-year-old man’s life was almost ended after two pitbulls viciously attacked him.

Francesco Bove was on his way to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church when the incident transpired. The attack occurred at The Bronx in New York City.

The pitbulls were able to break free from their owner, Cynthia Oliver’s, grip. Despite her attempts to stop her dogs from attacking Bove, she was still unsuccessful.

The pitbulls viciously clamped down on his arms and dragged him along for a few feet.

Others also tried to come to the man's aid by spraying water at the dogs and swinging a chain to scare them off. After successfully rescuing Bove, the dogs turned their attention to them.

The attack was caught on video from a tenement window.

The dreadful attack almost cost Bove his life. A priest even gave him his last rites. Bloodied and terrified, he thought was going to die.

Fortunately, after five hours of surgery due to the grave injuries he suffered, including chunks of his arms being bitten off as well as a torn ear, Bove was able to survive.

His hands also suffered nerve damage, leading to an inability to move his fingers. This is extremely detrimental for Bove, who is an artist.

The dogs’ owner has been held accountable for the incident. She was brought in for psychological assessment at a hospital and was later on arrested by authorities for "eight counts of assault" and "two counts of reckless endangerment."

The two pitbulls were also brought to animal control custody.

Source: wereblog
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