Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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WATCH : Man Got Bitten By A Snake in His Private Part.SHOCKING!

Recently, a shocking news took the Internet by storm in which a man in Thailand got attacked by a snake in his private part. According to reports, the man was in the toilet when a snake which was believed to have floated in the drainage system found its way to that particular toilet bit the private part of the man.

He immediately called for help from his wife and neighbors but the snake wouldn't let go. The 'tug of war' lasted for about 30 minutes before the snake let go of its bite. Team rescuers had to destroy and break down the toilet to get the snake.

Meanwhile, the man had to undergo stitches in his private part. A parody video was made by a youtuber with the username 'Gian Carlo Javier' and has now garnered 139,119 views.

Watch the parody video below:
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