Monday, October 17, 2016

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VIRAL: Two OLFU Criminology Students Mercilessly Hits A Girl Inside A Bus!

The youth is the hope of the future, so they say. It is during our youth that we form our values and persevere towards our chosen field. To be a police officer for one, you've got to undergo trainings, pass tests and do well. But most of all, you've got to understand the principles needed by the profession to be able to do it well.

We bet, these criminology students in Our Lady of Fatima haven't been able to develop such principles as they went viral in social media after hitting a girl in a bus, not once, but numerous times.

The victim along with her friends were having fun in the bus, taking selfies and photos of themselves. One of the students took his dirty finger and photobombed in one of their selfies. The group then confronted them as the victim felt violated with the gesture. But instead of explaining and apologizing, these students went violent and started shouting they have a gun.

One of them then hit the girl many times and was clearly caught on camera. Many passengers were trying to stop him but he was relentless. The victim can be heard pleading for him to stop, but he just wouldn't.

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