Friday, October 28, 2016

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Sandara Park And Steven Yeun, Star In Mini Web Series!

Steven Yeun, a 32-year old actor and one of the stars of the hit American TV show 'The Walking Dead' has teamed up with popular K-pop group 2NE1 member Sandara Park to create the mini web series "What's Eating Steven Yeun?"

A post uploaded in "Sandara Park Updates" Facebook page showed Sandara and Steven in an old "Funny or Die" clip.

The series follows Steven Yeun trying to say goodbye to Sandara as he plans to leave his career in America in search of a career in South Korea. Sandara plays his American girlfriend who doesn't know anything about Korea.

Sandara kept calling Steven via video chat but he avoided talking to her. Sandara assured him that she was trying to get help from agents who could cast him. This made Steven somewhat more upset and eventually hung up on his girlfriend.

Initially, the actor plans to continue his acting career in South Korea, but people are more interested in him doing a Mokbang broadcast, an online broadcasts where people who are usually attractive eat in front of a webcam.

Check out all three episodes of the mini-series to see how Steven's career as a Mokbang star progressed.

Source:  thepadder
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