Monday, October 3, 2016

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MUST READ: Netizen Praises Pres. Duterte Even Though He Did Not Vote For Him! The Reason Behind This Is Impressive!

A photo of a man that was being assisted by the 911 response team is being posted all over social media. It had the caption: “I did not vote for him, I did not like him at first but I was impressed with this after calling 911, in 3 minutes there they are! Thank you Mr. President!”

The post of Harold John went viral garnering with 4.1k likes, 2,015 shares and 170 comments all coming from Duterte supporters and new followers.

Based on Harold John's story, he was playing Pokemon Go in Bacolod Plaza when the man who collapsed on the ground was treated immediately on the said plaza.

The comment section was full of thoughts of appreciation for the intentions of President Duterte. A netizen called out to the people that they should support the President especially now that he is facing criticisms because of the media and other groups.

Some also made a point that the man was wearing a yellow baller (a famous campaign materials of Mar Roxas) and they made fun of it. People from Davao said that it is one of the more efficient programs done by the President.

However, others said that the 911 response team was able to be there fast due to the unit being placed in front of the plaza. Despite of this comment, it still overshadowed the efficiency and effectiveness of the 911 response team.

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