Friday, October 14, 2016

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Father And Son Were Sharing A Happy Moment Until This Happened! We Couldn't Believe It And Neither Will You!

A video went extremely viral showing a Chinese boy died after his father fell on him accidentally. Guangzhou Broadcasting Network aired the footage showing the tragic scene.

At the start of the footage, it can be seen that they were walking with his back facing his son. They were playing and he was swinging his son back and forth. He was holding both of his child's hands but suddenly, he lost his balance and fell backward. He landed hard on top of his son.

The sales assistant immediately went to them and helped the father to stand up. They hurriedly brought the child into the nearest hospital but was declared dead on arrival. This was confirmed by a pediatrician in Guangzhoe and stated: “In the video, the man’s entire weight was on the upper body of the child, including the boy’s head and neck. The child might have suffered a cervical fracture.”

The doctor also noted they shouldn't have moved the child if he was suspected to have cervical injuries.

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