Sunday, October 2, 2016

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BREAKING: Krista Miller arrested in buy-bust operation in Quezon City!

Actress Krista Miller was arrested in a buy-bust operation today in Quezon City, police authorities announced.

In an article from GMA News, Miller, or Kristalyn Engle in real life, was arrested with two other women identified as Jerami Padolna and Liaa Alelin Bolla.

Last 2014, Miller was accused of being involved in drug operations when she was rumored to have visited a convicted drug lord in hospital.

However, the actress denied the allegations, saying she was just selling a condominium unit to the convicted drug lord.

Miller was the second showbiz personality to be arrested by Quezon City Police District. The first one was former secretary Sabrina M, who was caught on video in act of using shabu.

Source: Twitter
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