Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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Amazing Grade 9 Filipino Student Invents Clever Anti-Thief Security Device!

On the National Science Fair Competition held by a private company last October 5, a 15-year old grade 9 student from Baguio City High School surprisingly emerged as the winner due to his invention, an anti-theft security device.

Jericho Villarico created a device meant to prevent robbers from breaking into houses of people through the automated detection features of the device through micro-controllers that detect fingerprints once the knob is rotated. As the device detects the input, it then dials the designated phone number to notify when a suspected robbery occurs.

The young genius took home a whooping P100,000 as well as his school due to the amazing invention. Aside from that, his invention's patent on the "Auto-Call Door Knob" has been officially launched.

Villarico came up with the idea after his family once became a victim of a robbery.

Source: ABS-CBN
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