Thursday, September 8, 2016

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Woman Seductively Waits for Her Next Admirer. Take A Look Closer And Discover What Really Happens!

Prostitution is everywhere. And many men are more likely crave for s*xual desire. But instead of having s*x with real girls, but this Japanese Bordello takes it in a new level.

In this bordello, there is no real girls working but are all hyper realistic s*x dolls. These are all life sized dolls made from an extra soft silicone mixture to provide a realistic feeling when being "used."

It is sometimes called "Dutch Wives" because of its feature.

According to one of the doll's producer, it is very realistic that men do not need to visit a real woman. Some companies even allow customize designs for the dolls such as color of the eyes and hair, and the body shape.

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