Tuesday, September 6, 2016

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VIDEO: Unknown Man Locked This Poor Girl's Undies In A Public Place Just For A Prank!

There are many kinds of pranks that has gone viral on social media. It's a silly trick that you play on someone to surprise them or to embarrass them. Some people tried to prank their friends, while other pranks people they dislike. A lot of pranks are funny but some of it can be mean and even dangerous.

Just like this girl in the video below, while walking in usual route, walking downstairs and stopped at vending machine. While choosing what she wanted, a guy forcefully her in the stair rail and inserted a long locker to her underwear and immediately lock it in the near post.

The girl got panicked and completely helpless and confused of what to do. She had no choice so she just decided to remove her underwear and immediately get away to that place as fast as she can. Sadly, the worse part is she was recorded on video and uploaded in the internet.

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