Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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The Most Heartbreaking Scene In Train To Busan. This Will Surely Make You Cry!

South Korean zombie film Train to Busan has invaded the country through good reception from the critics and word-of-mouth from the people.

Clark Collis of Entertainment Weekly called it a World War Z boasting with emotional core while Jeannette Catsoulis of The New York Times even discussed the plot's subtle representation of class warfare and even honoring it with the coveted Critics' Pick badge.

The film made audiences shriek from scary scenes, laughed at unintentional funny scenes, clapped when one of the passengers are able to outsmart a zombie, and poured their eyes in most of the scenes like the sacrifice of Sang-Hwa (Ma Dong-Seok) in order to save her pregnant wife Sung-Gyeong (Jung Yu-mi).

But the talk of the town is the heartwrenching sacrifice of Seok-woo (Gong Yoo). When the antagonist Yong-suk (Kim Ui-Seong) fully transformed into a zombie, he targeted Sung-Gyeong,Seok-woo and his estranged daughter Soo-an (Kim Soo-Ahn) while the only train to Busan is running.

Seok-woo tried to push Yong-suk out of the car but he is strong enough to resist and targets the other two again. In order to stop him, Seok-woo sacrificed himself by using his arms to strangle him. Yong-suk bit his hand but Seok-Woo successfully kicked him out of the train.

Soo-an began to cry as she sees her father slowly turns into a zombie. Seok-woo skimmed the engine and taught the remaining survivors on how to run the train. Seok-woo asked Sung-Gyeong to take care of his daughter and he told his daughter that she will finally see her mother.

Seok-woo got out of the engine room as he turns into a zombie. While he is in the transformation, flashbacks of the moment when he sees his newlyborn daughter are coming back. While other zombies are struggling when they turned into a zombie, Seok-woo was smiling as he does not only remember how lovely to have a daughter but he finally brought her to her mother as a birthday present, ending his estranged relationship to his daugher. His shadow shows that he jumped from the train, freeing the survivors and letting them to get to Busan.
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