Thursday, September 22, 2016

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Spain Admires Duterte Administration, 'Very Encouraged By The 10-Point Socioeconomic Agenda'! READ HERE!

Pres. Duterte has been earning different criticisms as death toll continues to rise in connection with his war against criminality and illegal drugs. He made headlines not only in the local media but also in all around the world. This led to many negative judgements and disapproval from world leaders which includes Pres. Barrack Obama, the United Nations, and the European Unions, all of which have been urging the PH government to do an investigation on the increased number of deaths in the past months.

However, Department of Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III of the Spanish government said last Tuesday that they fully support the Duterte's administration especially the 10-point socioeconomic agenda. He also noted how they agree to the implementation of tax reforms and accelarating infrastructure.

According to the secretary,Ambassador Castaño of Spain is "very encouraged by the 10-point socioeconomic agenda of President Rodrigo Duterte.”.

Spanish Ambassador to Manila Luis Antonio Calvo Castaño had a meeting with the Secretary and congratulated the government for its 'dynamic' and on-point tax reform program which aims to lower individual taxes and corporates pay charges rates and "raising new incomes to bankroll social protectin programs for society's most powerless segments".

Spain is also planning on putting resources in the Philippines' framework development. Dominguez also noted how they aprreciate for their country's grant of Official Development Assistance (ODA) to the Philippines and in the ongoing projects in the ARMM.
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