Thursday, September 1, 2016

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SHOCKING! Female Assassins Hired to Kill Drug Dealers in PH. WATCH HERE!

Since the Duterte Administration launched the nationwide war against illegal drugs, more than half a million have already surrendered themselves to the PNP.

But the question always boiled down to as to why? Was it because they wanted to turn over a new leaf in connection the the President's agenda on 'change' or they are just fearing for their lives? It cannot be denied that while the drug war has been beneficial to the country, the deaths related to drugs have increased significantly. This bothered many political parties especially the famous Commission On Human Rights who had been asking for a senate hearing ever since the alleged extrajudicial killings started.

But recently BBC released a documentary report where they revealed that assassins are being hired connected to the alleged extrajudicial killings. With the dead bodies wrapped in packing tapes thrown at EDSA, it has been speculated since that some hired vigilantes are responsible with them.

This was proven by BBC as they interviewed a hired assassin. What made it shocking is that, the assassin was a female, which people would never thought of. She was nicknamed 'Maria' and though her identity wasn't revealed, she admitted to have killed 6 people already. 5 of them, she shot in the head.

She shared how her first assignment was two years ago in a nearby province. "I felt really scared and nervous because it was my first time,” she said.

Now that she graduated a full-time assassin, she revealed to be part of a team consisting of three women, to murder in the "Government-sactioned" war on drugs. She also said that her orders come directly from a police officer same with her husband who is also a hired assassin. Both of them came from a impoverished community in Metro Manila.

But Cayetano immediately negated the issue and said:

"Lahat ng report, hindi ko binabalewala, dapat pa rin imbestigahan pero mahiwaga lang sa akin kung, unang-una, mga gun for hire, hindi basta-basta umaamin,” said Cayetano; adding that the public must be cautious in immediately believing in such kind of report."

Watch the full interview here:

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