Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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Philippines Ranked 3rd On The Top 10 English-Speaking Countries In The World! Read Here!

According to statistics, based on the number of English-Speaking population in the Philippines, our country has placed itself on the Top 10 English-Speaking countries in the world wherein we ranked 3rd.

English is known as the most widespread language in the whole world, being most spoken beyond countries. Approximately, there are 1.2 billion in the world that speaks English today, with 350 million who speaks it natively and 850 million speaking it as a second language.

English is required for almost all the jobs that travels abroad. Health professionals, politicians, and scientists are also obliged to speak the language fluently upon working on a multinational level. In this light, many are assuming that the English language will dominate most people by 2050.

Philippines landed on the 3rd place of the Top 10 because of its population that covers almost 52 million English speakers and more or less 36,000 of people using it as their first language. This can be resulted from the country’s history of colonization where English was the first language introduced to the Filipinos back in the day.

The percentage of English speakers in the Philippines is 92.58% that totals to a number of 89,800,000.

Here is the list of the Top 10 English-Speaking Countries in the world:

Top 1: The United States
Top 2: India
Top 3: Philippines
Top 4: Nigeria
Top 5: The United Kingdom
Top 6: Germany
Top 7: Canada
Top 8: France
Top 9: Australia
Top 10:Italy
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