Wednesday, September 14, 2016

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OFW Mother Seeks Justice for Her 5-year-old Daughter Raped by Drug-user Father! READ HERE!

A post by an OFW has been making rounds in the Social Media recently as she appealed for justice for her 5-year-old daughter who was raped by her own father. The OFW, named as Ellamae Allosada, shared how broken she was when she learned that the DSWD found her daughter last August 25, 2016 in the streets, feverish and hungry. She was beyond torn when the DSWD confirmed that the child has been raped several times.

Allosada works at Singapore as a domestic helper and left her daughter in the care of her husband, Albert Salcedo David. She didn't have any idea that all her hardwork in a foreign country would lead to this. She was permitted to go home in the Philippines for seven days after she learned the incident. This is where her daughter detailed to her the violations done to her. According to Allosada, it was drugs that has compelled his husband to these kind of doings. But surprisingly, the police in their area, refused to file a case against his husband and says that Medico legal and the girl's testimony is not enough.

Meanwhile, Allosada is in hope that her message will get to President Duterte and help her get justice for her beloved daughter.
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