Saturday, September 17, 2016

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Muslim Community Calls Out To Everyone To Support Duterte Amidst The Senate Inquiry On Extrajudicial Killings

With the heated senate hearing on the controversial issue of extrajudicial killings, the muslim community expressed their support for the President as the muslim representative of Duterte's supporters in Manila called out to everyone to unite for the greater good on defending Duterte.

Although on the said video, he also slammed the new witness in the senate inquiry as he speculated that Matobato must have been paid after his testimonies were assumed to be inconsistent and false.

"Mukhang binayaran po ito, bakit ngayon pa lang lumantad? noon pa sana. Napakaraming mali," he said.

He called out to everyone to unite in supporting Duterte and his advocacy for the sake of the country.

"Sana ay tigilan po ito at magkaisa tayong lahat, suportahan po natin ang ating pangulo sa kanyang pinaglalaban."

Furthermore, he expressed gratitude to the President's running mate during the last election, Senator Cayetano who bluntly expresses his unwavering support for Duterte as he constantly defended him during the duration of the senate inquiry.

"Kaya nakita po natin si Cayetano, ipinaglalaban niya ang ating pangulo ---tinupad niya ang kaniyang pangako, matalo man o manalo ay hindi niya pababayaan ang ating pangulo na si Duterte."

Supporters of the President flocked the video as they coincide with the message.

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