Monday, September 26, 2016

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Money Trail Worth P38-M Found on De Lima Driver's Relatives

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has collected alleged bank documents showing that over P38 million in cash deposits were created to the bank accounts of Sen. Leila De Lima's former driver Ronnie Dayan's two relatives.

In an article by The Philippine Star, the information was brought out in DOJ’s fact-finding investigation on the illegal drug operations in the New Bilibid Prison where De Lima has alleged involvement.

STAR obtained bank deposit slips showing that huge amount of money worth more than millions went to the bank accounts of Hannah Mae Dayan, daughter of Dayan, and Marco Paliso, his cousin.

The DOJ gave the bank records to the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) for verification, according to an anonymous source.

Dayan’s account received P24 million in four cash deposits: P3 million on Feb. 7, 2014; P9 million on Feb. 21, 2014; P6 million on March 14, 2014 and P6 million on March 28, 2014.

Palisoc’s account got P14,304,000 in two cash deposits. One was P9,600,000 on Sept. 16, 2014 and the other one is P4,704,000 on Oct. 23, 2014.

Other bank records showed cash deposits in accounts of De Lima’s former staff Jonathan Caranto (P24 million), Bogs Obuyes (P24 million) and Marrel Obuyes (P2.2 million).

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II asked the AMLC to verify the deposits.

The DOJ received the AMLC report last week, but Aguirre did not reveal the findings due to the Bank Secrecy Law.

He only said that the report covered more than 10 people he called “friends of De Lima.”

“If there is any link (between drug money and De Lima), it’s indirect – only bank accounts of her companions, friends and employee. But these people have no big sources of income to get millions in deposits, so what other conclusion could you get?” he said.

Aguirre also unveiled that probers are also verifying information that about P500 million in drug money went to a registered corporation doing business in the national penitentiary.

Again, he chose not to name the firm pending probe.

He also would not reveal what the DOJ would do next with the AMLC report – if it could be used to seek a freeze order from the Court of Appeals.

“For now, this AMLC report will be for our use to further our investigation until a case is filed in court,” he said.

Aguirre believes that the money found would strengthen the testimonial evidence from high-profile NBP inmates against De Lima.

“We asked for additional reports because we received so many bank account numbers,” he said. “We’re just in the first wave. As I said earlier, the information is just overflowing."

Dayan has been subpoenaed to appear before the House, but he is nowhere to be found right now.
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