Tuesday, September 20, 2016

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Luis Manzano And Piolo Pascual Breaks The Internet With Gay Rumors! Find Out The TRUTH Here!

After the controversy faced by veteran host Luis Manzano following his break up with actress Angel Locsin and the alleged third party Jessy Mendiola, Manzano faces yet again another controversy as netizens speculate on his true preference. The internet is buzzing over the rumor that Manzano is allegedly in a relationship with another controversial actor, Piolo Pascual.

Despite the cryptic caption on the photos shared, netizens were quick to react on the issue and express their thoughts on the alleged video scandal.

Elson Perez posted photos of Manzano and Pascual while Pascual seemed to be getting dressed. However, the caption never mentioned anything regarding the gay rumors.
However, fans of the two have also quickly defended them and caught on to the con as they shared the link of Manzano's fanpage where the video was posted. The source of the photos were apparently screenshots from Manzano's FB Live video taken from the dressing room of ABS-CBN. Inigo Pascual and other staff and crews were also in the video.

Despite the fact that no harm was done, this serves as a reminder to everyone to not react and judge quickly base on the things we see and read online, being skeptic and critical in matters that concerns people's reputation and assumed facts betters us as people.

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