Saturday, September 24, 2016

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Journalist Shares Observations on 'Scared Citizens' During War on Drugs

President Rodrigo Duterte's first months as a President were marked with drug-related killings and intense issues. Some journalists saw this as an opportunity look below, so to speak.

In a Facebook post, Journalist Ira V. Panganiban shared how people from the lower levels of society have whole-heartedly accepted Duterte's drug war. He even specified some of his friends who have changed their lifestyles to support the President's objectives.

What's the reason behind behind all this popularity? "Susunod sila kay Duterte hanggang impiyerno kung kailangan dahil hindi sila binili ni Digong. Kusa ang suporta nila, may tatak ng pagmamahal at balot ng pag-idolo," Ira said on his post.

Ira shared having friends with people living in a squatters area which he described as now safe because the drug addicts and criminals were afraid of Duterte. "Napansin ko din na yung mga dalaga ay labas pasok na sa looban. Hindi na ninenerbiyos gumalaw. Kampante sila at pati si Boy na turing bastos at maayos na"

He claimed that people are not afraid of the administration's fight against illegal drugs. He opposes those politicians or other people who said that people are afraid of Duterte's action against illegal drug use and trade. He even said that people are willing to follow Duterte's order because they believe in our president.

"Pero si Duterte ay idolo nila at naiintindihan nila kung ano ang plano ng pangulo para sa kanila. At susunod sila sa kanya," he ended.

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