Saturday, September 17, 2016

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If You See One Of These Bugs Inside Your House, Consult A Doctor Immediately!

The common bugs we often deal with in our homes are rodents, roaches, and ants.

But did you know that recently a new kind of pest has been making its way in the United States.

This bugs is reportedly harmful to people:

Kissing Bug

As appalling its name may sound, this bug is not a friendly one. They can also be deemed as assassin bugs, conenose bugs, and vampire bugs. Kissing Bugs are located on places in Asia, Africa, Australia, and the southern U.S. border.

They go inside human bodies and vertebrates to feast on their bloods.

This bug is most active at night time and prefer attacking their human victims while asleep. They can cause a condition known as Chagas disease.

You would see the symptoms of Chagas as mild at first. People suffering from their bites would experience flu-like symptoms. Even rashes, aches, fevers, fatigue, swollen glands and a loss of apetite may reveal once bitten by the Kissing Bug.

In severe cases, people can experience abdominal pain, constipation, irregular heartbeat, and even sudden cardiac arrest.

Kissing bugs come in small sizes and dark beetles, they also have six legs and a ligh golden pattern on their backs.

The best to do once you're bitten is to go to the doctor immediately and avoid rubbing or scratching the place it was bitten to minimize the chance of infection.
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