Thursday, September 8, 2016

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Here's How To Create A Guyabano Tea That Will Fight Cancer! Read This NOW!

Many of us know that Guyabano is a pear shaped fruit that is very delicious when the juice is extracted. But did you also know that it has health benefits? Well, now you are about to find out!

Guyabano contains amounts of vitamins C, B1 and B2. It also rich in carbohydrates especially in fructose.

Guyabano has many uses like, it s used for diuretic, cure for hematuria, urethritis, scurvy and dysentery.

Mixing the bark, the leaves and the roots has benefits too such as, curing diabetes and can be used as tranquilizers and sedatives.

Indeed, guyabano has many uses and can cure diseases. But aside from the fruit itself, even the leaves has a purpose. It can cause a person to sweat. If you have lice in your head, guybano leaves will help you in solving it. It cures inflammation, eczema, various skin illness, inflammation of the mucus membrane in the respiratory system, rheumatism and arthritis.

If you have muscle spams and dysentery or in need of astringents, just powderize the seeds of guyabano.

Here is a way to prepare Guyabano Ale:

What you need:
- 1kg of ripe guyabano
- 4 cups of water
- ¾ cups of sugar
- calamansi juice

Here's how:
First, of course, you have to wash and then peel the guyabano. Then you remove the seeds and then slice the pulp in small pieces.
Then heat it with water. After while, cool to down then strain it into a clean cloth in a pitcher then squeeze the juice. Then you dd some sugar and calamansi juice to make the taste a little sour. Serve it cold and if you wish to add more sugar, you may do so.

Though, experts claim that guyabano still lacks properties to give complete healing for cancer however, it may lessen the risk of the side effects of chemotherapy and protects you from having cancer.

Researchers also claim that guyabano leaves are effective to those who have pancreatic and prostate cancer and it has wiped off cancer cells among six human cell lines.

Guyabano leaves and stems are found to be efficient when it comes to wiping off malignant cells which is claimed by the National Cancer Institue.
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