Sunday, September 18, 2016

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Fake Rice Is Already In Manila Market; NFA Warns The Public For The Dangers Of Consuming It!

National Food Authority warns out public to be more vigilant against the increase of synthetic rice in the market. Serious health damage may occur if people will be able to eat such rice having styrofoam-like textures.

The fake rice or resin-laced rice were allegedly came from China and is now being shipped all over the Philippines. Recent news reported by GMA News showed that the fake rice was forst dicovered in Davao and the latest video shows that the rice is already here in Manila.

President of the Confederation of Grains Retailers Association of the Philippines (Grecon) Helen Osin claims that the rice could last for weeks without spoiling after cooked and has no smell even if few days left aside. It resembles a styrofoam texture grains when cooked and can be poisonous when eatten.

Carmentia Grinio came forward after noticing something different with the rice she cooked that was bought from a local store at Davao. She said that after the rice was cooked, it looks like Styrofoam and she was scared to let her family eat the said rice.

Also, latest video posted by Don Reyes shows how was the rice even after days without being refrigerated. He said that he cooked the rice at 5 am the last day and remembered the rice until the next morning of 6 am. He noticed that there is no any bad smell with the rice and it doesn't even stick to his hand. And just like what the other victim said, it looks like Styrofoam.

Public, be aware of fake rice in market place.
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