Saturday, September 3, 2016

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EPIC FAIL: P500 Nose Job Turned Model Into Halloween Character! LOOK HERE!

We all want to improve ourselves at one point. For us living in a westernized country like the Philippines, we all try to meet the western 'white, blonde, and blue-eyed' standards of beauty. We patronize whitening products and dream of having freckles, too. Of course, who wouldn't want to have high, slender noses as well?

This is what Ellowe Alviso wanted -- a perfect nose. So he went to a self-acclaimed beautician Euge Edward Undangan, a transgender, to have a nose job and a cleft chin surgery. It cost him P500 ($10.71) pesos. Since his beauty procedure, he got modeling projects. So he was very elated with the surgery.

But after two years, his nose started to deform. He went back to the hospital and he found out that it was a mix of wax, petroleum jelly, and sealant injected to his face according to the doctors. When he went back to Undangan for help, Alviso said that Udangan threatened him.

Afterwards, a series of unfortunate events happened to him. His aunt, who raised him, died at the same time when he was confined, and his stepfather also died months later. He and his mother were kicked out of their house. Since he can no longer work as a model, he is now selling "Balut" and dresses as a Halloween character occassionally.

''Kapag may mga events sa park, nag-aano ako ng pang Halloween,'' he said. (If there are events at the park, I dress up as if it's Halloween).

Meanwhile, he has sued the suspect and now has a warrant of arrest.
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