Friday, September 30, 2016

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Dyoga Princess Kaysee Gregorio To Deactivate Facebook Account?

Seems like netizens have had enough of Kaysee Gregorio, a Facebook personality who likes bragging about her big breasts. Although it cannot be denied that she got looks, good features, fair skin and almost perfect figure, she was hated for posting ‘ridiculous’ videos in which she proudly flaunts her breasts to get more followers and likes. She also posted many ‘musically’ videos which mostly involved s*xual contents. She was successful in gaining followers which are mostly guys. But in turn, she also gained haters which are mostly girls.

Why? Filipinos still expect women to be ‘mahinhin’ and Maria-Clara-like. Although these values are not that strong unlike the old days, behaviors like publicly flaunting a supposed private part is still being frowned upon by many. But Gregorio made clear in many of her posts that she doesn’t care about other people’s opinions. She still actively posts her videos and pictures which continue to be revealing, until a dare came into light! A certain netizen dared her into deactivating her Facebook page when a certain number of likes and shares would be met.

The netizen messaged her saying: “Kaysee pag nakakuha ako ng 150k likes, 150k comments, magdedeactivate ka ng Facebook mo at hindi ka na magffacebok kahit kailan. G?”

Gregorio leveled up the dare and replied: “15m likes 15m comments and 1m shares deal”

The netizen then agreed and so the dare is on! Many of Gregorio’s haters flooded the  comment box and was too eager to get rid of Gregorio from their Facebook News Feed. Well, many tried defending Gregorio as well saying that she shouldn’t get bullied for having different set of values. However, angry netizens wouldn’t pass up in such opportunities of getting rid ‘famewhores’ one at a time.

Source: Facebook
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