Friday, September 30, 2016

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Doctors Shocked When Newborn Baby Boy Comes Out Looking Like An 80-Year-Old

Another real-life Benjamin Button was born in Bangladesh and has quickly gone viral. This newborn baby boy has a face of an 80-year-old man, wrinkled and with shrunken eyes. According to doctors, he has the rare disease called the Hutchinson-Gilford progeria.  This disease occurs to one in four million in which irregular genes affects their bodies and causing them to age faster. The body is also producing an abnormal protein called progein which breaks down cells faster than the normal rate. Rapid cell breakdown then results to aging rapidly.

This baby boy who was born in Magura district Southern Bangladesh shocked the doctors who gave birth to him. He also has a very hairy back.

But when the parents were asked about their reaction, they shared how they are still grateful and excited for him, saying.

“We can only thank God. There is no need to be unhappy about the appearance of my son.”

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