Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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CAUGHT ON CAM! Defenseless Farmer Leader In Palawan Shot Dead By Violent Security Guard!

A peasant leader was killed by a shotgun-armed security guard and was caught on the camera in a rice field in Coron, Palawan after trying to talk to him and several government personnel.

Arnel Figueroa, 44, was hit in the stomach by a single round fired by Dan Nelson Mayo, a member of the “Blue Guards” of the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI), at Yulo King Ranch (YKR).

Mayo, together with several government personnel, escorted by four Marines started uprooting crops in the farm where Figueroa is harvesting. Figueroa attempted to talk to them, but Mayo shot him straight in the stomach where Figueroa dropped dead, his lower torso covered with blood. Another farmer was also wounded.

The video which was captured on a cellphone video by Maria Maaya Thind and surfaced first in Inquirer.net.

Thind is the general secretary of Pesante, an 30,000-member organization of farmers seeking the distribution of land under the 1988 Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program.

Figueroa was the local leader of Pesante,

“Before, the fight was against landlords, now it is against the government,” said Libertine Amor, a lawyer for the Catholic Church-backed Climate Change Congress of the Philippines, the umbrella group for peasant organizations.

Figueroa, whose wife is pregnant with his fourth child, had been at the leader of a six-year fight for the distribution of part of the Yulo ranch they had planted with rice, sweet potatoes, bananas and coconut on Coron.

you can watch the video HERE
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