Sunday, September 11, 2016

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Indonesian caregiver posts video of r@pe by employer in Taiwan

The woman started working in Taiwan last December, then now claims that she got raped by her boss this July. A video of a 31-year old Indonesian caregiver allegedly being raped by her Taiwanese boss started to circulate the internet.

In the video, a man of gray hair can be seen in the video forcing to take off the caretaker's shirt in which she said "Lau Ban (Boss), I don't want. Stop it,"

The man proceeded to sexually harass the caretaker and she said "Boss, take off your hands, keep your hands off me, I said I don't want," after going viral, the video has since been removed from YouTube. With the help of her foreign workers, police officials were able to track down the incident and discover her situation.

After the incident, the woman attempted suicide with cuts shown on her wrist and was immediately placed in medical care and attention in the hospital.

The alleged boss of the caretaker is believed to be a married man of 58 years old identified with the last name Hsieh. The caretaker was hired to take care of her boss' father. The video served as evidence of the man's sexual assault and was immediately arrested by police.

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