Thursday, September 29, 2016

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Baby Was Born With No Eyes, Mother Gets Devastated! HEARTBREAKING

A mother from Guanzhou, China became so devastated after finding out that her son was born with no eyes. This condition means that he has minimal or no tissue in his eyes.

This condition is called ‘Anophthalmia.’ This happens to every 100,000 children. Based on NHS, this only means that the boy will never be able to see.

Liu Peihua, the mother of the child gave birth to his son last September 20, 2016. She is now conversing with a specialist in a hospital in Guangzhou to get her baby to thorough investigation.

This story is now being reported to one of China’s mainstream media and it was dubbed as ‘the baby with no eyes.’

Lei Peihua’s family said that Lui has attended all of her antenatal check-ups. However, she was not informed that her baby has this unusual case.

Anopthalmia is condition in which can’t be seen in ultrasounds and in tests when the woman is pregnant.

The family is now getting assistance from a larger hospital in Guanzhou so Lui’s child can be better examined and to determine if the baby has other health issues.

Charitable efforts are also giving help to the family of the baby.

Despite being devastated of her son’s condition, Lui is still determined to bring up his child no matter what circumstances her baby and her family might face in the future.

However, there is still no treatment for Anopthalmia. But some children have artificial eyes that are fitted to help the bones surrounding the eyes to naturally grow.

This means and absence of a baby’s eyes.
A child can be born only having one eye or both eyes are missing from socket of the eyes.
This rare disorder mostly occurs during pregnancy and can be related to birth defects. One of the possible causes of this condition is genetic mutations and abnormal chromosomes.
photocredit: People's Daily Online
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